Stylix is a NixOS module which applies the same colour scheme, font and wallpaper to a range of applications and desktop environments.

What's this?

base16.nix allows you to import colours from base16 into Nix code. Stylix takes this a step further:

  • Automatically colours and changes the font of apps
  • Sets your wallpaper
  • Exports the colour scheme to be used manually for anything we missed
  • Can also generate themes based on an image

For those not familiar with NixOS and Home Manager:

  • NixOS is a Linux distribution
  • Home Manager is a program which runs anywhere
  • Both use the Nix language and package manager
  • Both let you install programs and change settings via code

Stylix supports either NixOS + Home Manager, or Home Manager on its own. Certain features are only available with NixOS.


Please refer to the Stylix book for instructions and a list of supported apps.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to join our Matrix room, or ask on GitHub Discussions.

Example configurations


EnvironmentWallpaperColour schemeFontsFull configuration
GNOME 44Atlantis Garbage Worker by Grady FrederickGenerated by StylixCantarell, Fira CodeSee here

KDE Plasma 5

EnvironmentWallpaperColour schemeFontsFull configuration
KDE Plasma 5Taken from Genshin ImpactGenerated by StylixCantarell, Fira CodeSee here


EnvironmentWallpaperColour schemeFontsFull configuration
HyprlandTaken from raison d'etre by EveGenerated by StylixDeJavuSee here